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US Lacrosse Membership

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Minnesota Lacrosse Association

Local Chapter of US Lacrosse

US Lacrosse MN Members

Year Number % Growth
2010 9,888
2011 11,189 13.2%
2012 13,428 20.0%
2013 14,549 8.3%
Category 2012 2013
Female Adult: Coach 130 259
Female Adult: Fan 33 16
Female Adult: Official 27 58
Female Adult: Player 85 109
Female HS: Player 1,012 1,043
Female Youth: Player 2,078 2,482
Male Adult: Coach 601 777
Male Adult: Fan 44 41
Male Adult: Official 360 235
Male Adult: Player 92 319
Male HS: Player 2,585 2,684
Male Youth: Player 6,208 6,797


Mark Hellenack wrote the entire first draft of the History of Minnesota Lacrosse. Janet Holdsworth added material on women's and provided the HS Girls' Historical Info. Alex Christianson and Sharon Hawkins added content for the schoolgirls' sections. Mark Erickson edited.

Seth Eastman - Ballplay of the Dakota on the St. Peters River in Winter, 1848

White Earth Pow Wow Lacrosse Game 1910

White Earth Pow Wow Lacrosse Game 1910

Lacrosse Resurges as a Cultural Tradition

News article, information and links about Minnesota Ojibwe Lacrosse, 2013.

Little Brother of War

Smithsonian Magazine, 1997

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