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MN Lacrosse Hubs Photo of the Year

07/28/2016, 12:00pm CDT
By SportsEngine

Click to vote for your favorite picture from the 2016 season.

MN Prep Hubs Photo of the Year



Help us decide the MN Prep Hubs Photo of the Year. Select your favorite picture from the group below. You can vote in the poll to the right once per day. Visit the other spring sports Hubs to vote, as well. The winning photo from each Hub will compete to be the MN Prep Hubs Photo of the Year. 

Voting ended Aug. 5 at noon

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Black-U15  Eagan Blue-U15  Eagan Gray-U15  Eastview-U15A  Edina-U15A  Edina-U15  Elk River 1-U15  Farmington-U15  Hastings Gold-U15  Hastings-U15  Hopkins-MS   IGH-U15  Lakeville 1-U15  Lakeville 2-U15  Lakeville 3-U15  Mahtomedi Navy-U15  Mahtomedi 2-MS  Maple Grove Gold-U15  Minnetonka Blue-U15  MontiQuois-U15  Minneapolis-U15  Mounds View-U15  Orono Red-MS  Owatonna-U15  Prior Lake Gold-U15  Rosemount-U15  Roseville-U15  St. Cloud North-U15  St. Thomas Academy-U15  STA 2-MS  Stillwater-U15A  Wayzata-U15A  White Bear Lake-U15A  White Bear Lake 2-U15  Shattuck-St. Mary's  Farmington  Shakopee-JV  Trinity School-JV  Shattuck-St.Mary's-JV  Farmington-JV  Delano-JV  Delano-9/10  Eagan 2-FS  Eastview A-9/10  Grand Rapids-FS  Holy Angels-9/10  Hudson-9/10  Bloomington Kennedy-9/10  Totino-Grace-9/10  Eastview-U15  Grand Rapids-U15  Duluth-U15  Minnetonka White-U15  Orono-U15  Prior Lake Navy-U15  Rosemount Gold-U15  Rosemount 3-MS  Spring Lake Park-U15  Stillwater 2-MS  Woodbury-U15  White 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Park-U15  St. Cloud North-U15  St. Cloud South-U15  Stillwater-U15  White Bear Lake-U15  U15 South Division  Apple Valley-U15  Benilde-St.M-U15  Blake-U15  Breck-U15  Chaska-Chan Blue-U15  Chaska-Chan Purple-U15  Eagan Blue-U15  Eagan Green-U15  Eagan White-U15  Eastview-U15  Edina-U15  Farmington-U15  Lakeville 1-U15  Lakeville 2-U15  Northfield-U15  Oakdale-U15  Orono-U15  Owatonna-U15  Rochester-U15  Rosemount-U15  Shakopee-U15  St. Louis Park-U15  St. Thomas Academy-U15  Wayzata-U15  Woodbury-U15  Bloomington-U15  Eden Prairie-U15  9th-10th Grades  Andover-9/10  Apple Valley-9/10  Robbinsdale Armstrong-9/10   Benilde-St. Margaret's-9/10  Blaine-9/10  Bloomington Kennedy-9/10  Centennial-9/10  Champlin Park-9/10  Chaska-Chanhassen-9/10  Eden Prairie Black-9/10  Eden Prairie Red-9/10  Edina-9/10   Forest Lake-9/10  Mahtomedi 1-9/10   Maple Grove-9/10  Minnetonka-9/10   Northfield-9/10  Osseo-Park Center-9/10  Rosemount-9/10   Roseville-9/10   St. Louis Park-9/10   Stillwater North-9/10  Stillwater South-9/10  Totino-Grace-9/10  Woodbury-9/10   Burnsville-9/10  Park-9/10  White Bear Lake-9/10  Under-13  ACYLA-U13  Andover-U13  Anoka-Ramsey-U13  Blaine-U13  Bloomington-U13  Buffalo-U13  Centennial Red-U13  Centennial White-U13  Delano-U13  Duluth 1-U13  Eastview Black-U13  Eastview Blue-U13  Elk River Red-U13  Elk River Black-U13  Farmington-U13  Forest Lake 1-U13  Hudson 1-U13  Inver Grove Heights-U13  Lakeville 1-U13  Lakeville 2-U13  Lakeville 3-U13  Mahtomedi 1-U13  Mahtomedi 2-U13  Minneapolis Red-U13  Minneapolis White-U13  MontiQuois-U13  New Century-U13  Orono Blue-U13  Orono Red-U13  Owatonna-U13  Rochester Century-U13  Rochester JM-U13  Roseville Black-U13  St. Louis Park 1-U13  St. Louis Park 2-U13  Spring Lake Park 1-U13  Woodbury Blue-U13  Under-11  Buffalo Black-U11  Centennial Black-U11  Eastview-U11  Elk River 1-U11  Farmington-U11  Forest Lake 1-U11  Minneapolis Red-U11  Orono 1-U11  Owatonna-U11  Rochester Blue-U11  2012  Under-9  Buffalo-U9  Centennial-U9  Eastview-U9  Elk River-U9  Minneapolis-U9  Owatonna-U9  Waconia-JV  Northfield-JV  Cretin-Derham Hall-9/10  East Ridge-9/10  Holy Angels-9/10  North-9/10  Mahtomedi 2-9/10  U13 North  U13 South  Delano White-U15  Mounds View-U15  Osseo-Park Center-U15  River Lakes-U15  Providence-U15  Apple Valley-U13  Chaska-Chan Blue-U13  Chaska-Chan Purple-U13  Eagan 1-U13  Eagan 2-U13  Eagan 3-U13  Eagan 5-U13  Edina 1-U13  Edina 2-U13  Hudson 2-U13  Northfield-U13  Oakdale-U13  Rochester Mayo-U13  Rosemount 1-U13  Rosemount 2-U13  Shakopee-U13  Woodbury Black-U13  Becker-U13  Wayzata Gold-U13  Centennial Black-U13  Duluth 2-U13  Fargo-U13  Forest Lake 2-U13  Grand Rapids 1-U13  Grand Rapids 2-U13  Mahtomedi 3-U13  Mahtomedi 4-U13  Maple Grove-U13  Mounds View Green-U13  Mounds View White-U13  River Lakes-U13  Rogers-U13  Roseville Silver-U13  St. Cloud North-U13  St. Cloud South-U13  STMA 1-U13  STMA 2-U13  Spring Lake Park 2-U13  Wayzata Blue-U13  Buffalo-9/10  ACYLA Red-U15  Elk River 2-U15  White Bear Lake 1-U13  White Bear Lake 2-U13  ACYLA-U11  New Century-U11  Eagan 4-U13  Becker-U11  Bloomington-U11  Buffalo Purple-U11  Centennial Red-U11  Centennial White-U11  Duluth-U11  Elk River 2-U11  Forest Lake 2-U11  Mahtomedi Gold-U11  Mahtomedi Navy-U11  Minneapolis White-U11  MontiQuois-U11  Mounds View-U11  Rochester White-U11  Spring Lake Park-U11  St. Louis Park-U11  Stillwater 1-U11  Stillwater 2-U11  Stillwater 3-U11  Orono 2-U11  Roseville-U11  Mahtomedi-U9  Mounds View-U9  Roseville-U9  Spring Lake Park-U9  Stillwater 1-U9  Stillwater 2-U9  Rochester-U9  Woodbury-U11  Hastings-9/10  Elk River-9/10  New Team  Rankings