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Quick Q&A: Sam Koenig, Mahtomedi lacrosse

By Star Tribune, 03/16/13, 10:28PM CDT


Quick Q&A: Sam Koenig, Mahtomedi senior

Sam Koenig

Quick Q&A: Sam Koenig, Mahtomedi senior


What can we expect out of Mahtomedi boys’ lacrosse this year? We lost a lot of midis this year, like Ryan Brown, he’s doing well. But we got a lot of people back who work really hard and a lot of people looking to prove themselves. So, you can expect to see a lot of hustle, especially on ground balls. Hopefully we put a lot of goals in net.


Do you plan on attending college? I’m planning on attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison for engineering.


They’ve got a lacrosse program there, do you plan on playing? I haven’t talked to the coach yet but I do plan on playing [some level]. Right now my brother [John] is playing at Iowa and it’d be a lot of fun to play against him. … Really, I want to go to school for school. But definitely playing some higher-level lacrosse would be a lot of fun.


Do you have a favorite meal? It’s called gnocchi with white sauce, it’s an Italian noodle. It’s kind of like a potato dumpling.


Where do you find that around the Twin Cities? I used to live in Denmark, so when I lived there we would travel around and I got that when I went to Italy and that was probably my favorite meal there. But you can get that at grocery stores. Olive Garden probably, I think, has gnocchi.


When did you live in Denmark? I lived there for three years. I lived in Mahtomedi — same house I still do — and in about third grade we moved over there for my dad’s work for a few years. Then in sixth grade we moved back and then that’s when I started watching my brother play lacrosse. And in seventh grade I started playing.


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