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Chart: Lacrosse rule changes

By Star Tribune, 05/12/14, 9:24PM CDT


Boys’ lacrosse major rules changes for 2014

Boys’ lacrosse major rules changes for 2014

Defenseless hitting illegal: A body check that targets a player in a defenseless position is illegal and specifies a minimum two- to three-minute non-releasable penalty for this violation.

More space: Increases the size of the scorer’s table area to allow more space for players to get on and off the field and to create better sight lines for table personnel. Substitution box expanded to be 20 yards wide and 6 feet high.

‘On the fly’ changes: Eliminates the requirement to sound the horn for substitutions when play is suspended. For stoppages of play due to an out-of-bounds ball, players may substitute “on the fly” as they can during normal play.

Standardized balls: All balls are to meet the NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards on Athletic Equipment) standards for size, weight and compressibility and must include labeling that states “Meets NOCSAE standard. NFHS.”

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