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Quick Q@A: Katie Lottsfeldt, Stillwater girls' lacrosse

By Star Tribune, 06/13/15, 6:24PM CDT


A look at the junior lacrosse player for the Ponies:

Katie Lottsfeldt

Lottsfeldt is a starting goalie for the Ponies and splits time in goal for the hockey team. She talks about her affinity for stopping the other team:


Q: Why are you a goalie?

A: My dad played goalie in high school hockey. I started playing goalie in first grade and in second grade, I fell in love with it. In seventh grade, they needed a goalie in lacrosse and I was totally opposed to it. I wanted to score goals for once. That was an appeal of lacrosse for me.


Q: So how did you end up in goal for the lacrosse team?

A: In ninth grade, the team needed a third goalie. They said I’d probably get more playing time as a goalie.


Q: Which to you prefer?

A: I love them both. They’ve both played a huge part in my life. I don’t think I could pick between the two.


Q: What’s the biggest similarity between the two positions?

A: Tracking the ball or puck and anticipating where it’s going. And trying to stay big in net and take up as much space as possible.


Q: Goalies tend to be quirky. What are your quirks?

A: I have to have my hair straightened before games and I have to eat and drink the same things. I get a bagel from Bruegger’s, a Naked Juice — Mighty Mango — and a vanilla latte from Starbucks.


Q: What hurts more, a puck or a lacrosse ball?

A: In lacrosse, you don’t have a lot of padding. I get more bruises from lacrosse, but when you take a shot in hockey that you don’t expect, it hurts a lot more. I got hit with a puck once right above my kneecap and my whole leg went numb.


Q: What goalie do you look up to?

A: Marah Sobczak was a goalie for the high school [hockey] team when I was growing up. They won the state championship. I always wanted to be like her.


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